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Heritage Trust bookshop now operational again

We discovered that the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust bookshop’s PayPal shopping cart has not been working for a while. This was due to a change to the system made by PayPal without our knowledge. We have rectified the problem and the site is now working again. We apologise to those of you who have been unable to buy a book or the map. Please try again!


Mull 2017

The 7th International Clan Maclean Week will be held on the Isle of Mull from Tuesday June the 20th to Sunday June the 25th 2017. The Gathering will be at Duart Castle on Saturday June the 24th. A full programme of events and a booking form, both online and offline can be found here.


Please help to save Duart Castle

At the Family Clan Gathering held at Duart Castle on 26th July 2014, the Chief launched the Duart Castle Restoration Appeal. Extensive repairs are needed in order to stop rainwater penetrating the roof and walls of the Castle. Although Historic Scotland and the Chief's family are making significant contributions, £600,000 is still needed. For further information, see the Chief's appeal to the Clan and to the public here. Please give generously to save the Clan's home and one of Scotland's most historic buildings.


Death or Victory

Death or Victory - Front Cover

Death or Victory, a light-hearted re-telling of twenty-one of the Clan’s stories, was commissioned by the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust in memory of Sir Lachlan’s first wife Mary, who died in 2007. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support further projects that reflect her keen interest in children.

Details of how to order the book can be found here.


Maclean Facebook Groups

On Friday the 22nd of June 2012 at the Clan Congress in Tobermory, Andrew McVie raised the idea of creating a section for younger members of the Clan. This was considered to be a good idea and as a result Andrew has created a group on Facebook (The MacLean International Youth Group) with the aim of getting the idea off the ground. Andrew would like any MacLeans that are interested in the formation of the youth section to join the group.
This is one of twenty six Maclean Facebook groups which can now be found under the Facebook heading in the menu to the left. Associations should let us know if they create another such group, so that we can add it to the list.

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