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Death or Victory

Tales of the Clan Maclean
Death or Victory - Front Cover

Death or Victory, a light-hearted re-telling of twenty-one of the Clanís stories, was commissioned by the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust in memory of Sir Lachlanís first wife Mary, who died in 2007. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support further projects that reflect her keen interest in children.

Written by Fiona Maclean of Ardgour, the book traces the story of the Clan from Gillean of the Battleaxe right through until the re-possession of Duart Castle in 1912. The title is a reference to the Clan motto Vincere vel Mori, meaning "Conquer or die", demonstrated all too vividly by the stories of the battles of Harlaw, Inverkeithing and Culloden. Other tales include the story of how the Macleans won their lands and reveal why visitors may still hear groans from the dungeons at Duart Castle. The book is delightfully illustrated, with twenty cartoons drawn by Brian Turnbull, and includes maps, a glossary of Gaelic words and a date chart.
In keeping with the objectives of the Lady Maclean Fund, this book is intended mainly for the younger members of the Clan. It provides a wonderful introduction to the Clan's history. Clansfolk of all ages, however, will derive enormous pleasure from this thoroughly engaging book. When ordering copies as gifts for your family, therefore, remember to order an extra copy to keep for yourself!
The book costs £8.50 plus postage for the paperback or £4.95 as an e-book. Paperbacks (but not e-books) can be ordered through our online bookshop. For those who have no access to the internet, order forms are available from your local Association or directly from the Heritage Trust (e-mail or write to the Secretary). Order forms may also be down-loaded from here. E-books should be ordered through the website of White & MacLean Publishing.
Fiona has kindly agreed to inscribe and sign books on request. When ordering, please state whether or not you would like her to do so and, if so, whose name(s) you would like her to inscribe in each book. The online bookshop and the order forms both contain boxes for this purpose. Please note that this offer is not available for any bulk orders that are despatched directly from the printers (see bookshop).