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Clan Maclean Heritage Trust

Donations and subscriptions

Donations and subscriptions are the life-blood of the Trust. Without them the Trust could not continue its vital work of promoting and educating the public in the history, traditions and music of the Clan Maclean. All contributions are most gratefully received and acknowledged.

The Kaid's swords and other relics, donated to the Trust
The Kaid's swords and other relics, donated to the Trust
Donations of objects
If you would like to donate books, documents or any other objects associated with Maclean history, please contact the Secretary (see below) in order to make the necessary arrangements. He will consult with the Trustees about, for example, where such a gift should best be displayed.

Donations of money
Donations may be made for general use or specifically to the Lady Maclean Fund. If you would like to give money for another specific purpose, please contact the Secretary to discuss this.

Please complete a Donation Form. This gives us your contact details, so that we can thank you properly for your donation. It also includes a Gift Aid declaration and Standing Order form (see below).

Friends of the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust
If you would like to support the Trust over the long term, we would encourage you to become a Friend.

Another way of contributing to the continuing work of the Trust is by making a legacy in favour of the Trust.

Making a will is always a personal matter and we recognise that family and friends come first. If however you felt able to leave something to the Trust in your will, we would be deeply grateful. For more information, please see the Legacies page.

How to donate

  • If you have a bank account in the UK and use online banking, you can transfer the amount of your donation directly to the Trust's bank account (see details on the Donation form).

    Please do not transfer funds directly from bank accounts outside the UK, or via telegraphic transfer, because in this case a large part of your subscription is lost in bank charges.

  • For those who do not have a bank account in the UK, as well as those who do have a UK account but do not use online banking, please use our online payment facility. This allows you to donate by credit card or from your PayPal account. You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to donate by credit card via PayPal.

  • Donors with UK bank accounts may give by cheque payable to the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust. We do not accept international cheques.

Gift Aid declarations
The Trust benefits considerably if donors who pay tax in the UK complete a Gift Aid declaration, which increases the value of the subscription to the Trust by 25%. This costs donors nothing, and higher rate taxpayers may reclaim part of their subscription through their Self Assessment tax return. A Gift Aid declaration is included on the Donation form. A separate form for this purpose is also available here.

Standing orders
If you intend to make similar donations in future years, and you have a UK bank account, it would be most helpful if you would kindly agree to pay for such repeated donations by standing order, as this would reduce the administrative burden on both the Trust and yourself.

A standing order form is included with the Donation form. It can also be down-loaded from here.

Standing orders are not suitable for donors who do not have a UK bank account.

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