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Clan Maclean Heritage Trust

Trust representatives

The Heritage Trust is intended to operate world-wide, both in terms of the projects that it undertakes and in terms of attracting support. Both activities are the responsibility of, and are largely undertaken by, the Trustees. In practice, however, each Trustee can only operate effectively in the country or region of the Association to which he or she belongs. In order to complete our global coverage, therefore, we appoint Trust Representatives in the Associations in which the Trust is not represented by a Trustee.
The primary role of the Representative is to assist the Trust in the achievement of its objectives by
Representatives are responsible for keeping the members of their Association informed about the activities of the Trust and ensuring that the Trust has a high profile where the Association operates.
Representatives are not Trustees. They do not therefore participate formally in the decision-making of the Trust and they do not have the fiduciary responsibility of Trustees. Their views however are taken into account by the Trust and they are kept closely informed about the Trust's activities.
The current Trust Representatives are:
Gordon McLean
Clan Maclean Association in Australia Inc.
Marcus MacLean
Clan Maclean in NSW - Australia
Peter Maclean
Clan Maclean Association Western Australia Inc.
Pat McClean
Clan Maclean Association, Pacific North-West
Dr Leslie McLean
Clan Gillean USA