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Clan Maclean Heritage Trust

The Clan Maclean Bibliography and Archive

An important function of the Trust is to collect, preserve and make available to the public books and manuscripts about distinguished members of the clan and its history.

The Kaid's Matriculation of Arms
The collation and preservation of the Clan Maclean archive has been entrusted to the Museum on the Isle of Mull, where it can be viewed during normal opening hours or at other times by appointment with the archivist, Jean Whittaker (

The Museum's normal opening hours can be found on the Museum's website. The restriction on viewing the Maclean archive, which previously appeared on this page, has been removed.

A list of all the books, articles and historic documents contained in the archive can be viewed and down-loaded if required by clicking here.

The archive does however have some significant gaps, which we would very much like to fill. The most important books that we are missing are listed here. If anyone can supply any of these, or help us to locate them, we should be delighted to hear from you. Please contact the Secretary.

Some of the older books in this list are now out of copyright and accordingly have been scanned and made available for free down-loading at A list of 53 such books, together with the links from which each book is available, is available here.
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