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Clan Maclean Heritage Trust

The Lady Maclean Fund

The late Lady Maclean
The late
Lady Maclean
Following the death of the Chief's first wife, Mary, in December 2007, donations were made to the Trust in her memory, notably from the members of Clan Maclean Atlantic Canada, whose patron Lady Maclean had been. Clan Gillean and the Clan Maclean Association of England and Wales have also been generous donors.

It was felt that these monies should be used for purposes that were particularly close to the late Lady Maclean's heart. A separate fund, the Lady Maclean Fund, was therefore established, within the Heritage Trust, in order to direct the donations made in her memory to certain specific causes, especially those relating to children.

Lady Maclean Award

Mull Choir
Comunn Gàidhealach Mhuile
2016 winners

The first project that the Trustees agreed to support from this Fund was the Mull Ṃd. The Fund has entered into a 10-year commitment to award a prize, called the Lady Maclean Award, to the Junior Choir that obtains the highest mark in a single competition. The winners so far have been as follows:

2016The Highland Association of Mull
(Comunn Gàidhealach Mhuile)
2015The Highland Association of Mull (Comunn Gàidhealach Mhuile)
2014Salen Primary School (Bun-Sgoil An t-Sailein)
2013Broadford Primary School, Skye (Bun Sgoil an Ath Leathainn)
2012Salen Primary School, Years 5-7 (Bun-Sgoil An t-Sailein 5-7)
2011The Highland Association of Mull (Comunn Gàidhealach Mhuile)
2010Rockfield Primary School, Oban (C̣isir Bhun-Sgoil Achadh na Creige, An t-Oban)
2009Rockfield Primary School, Oban (C̣isir Bhun-Sgoil Achadh na Creige, An t-Oban)

Death or Victory

More recently, the Trust commissioned a collection of stories about the history of the Clan. This has now been published with the generous support of White & MacLean Publishing. Entitled 'Death or Victory - Tales of the Clan Maclean' and aimed mainly at the younger members of the Clan (but guaranteed to appeal to all ages), this is a delightful collection of stories written by Fiona Maclean of Ardgour and whimsically illustrated by Brian Turnbull. For further information and details of how to obtain this highly entertaining book, see here.

Marjorie's Colouring Book

We have also produced a colouring book for young children. The book contains 24 pages of black and white drawings of Duart Castle, ships, people, weapons, crests and clothing associated with Clan Maclean and with Scotland generally. It has been kindly created by Marjorie MacLean of Tidnish, Nova Scotia, the wife of one of our Trustees, Ian MacLean. The book can be down-loaded or printed out from our bookshop.


Anyone who wishes to make a donation in memory of the late Lady Maclean or to dedicate monies to the causes that will be supported by the Fund may do so online or by sending a cheque to the Secretary. The full details of how to do this are on the Donations and subscriptions page.

If sending a cheque, please make this payable to the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust and state that the money is being given to the Lady Maclean Fund. Please note that we can only accept £ sterling cheques drawn on a UK bank.

We should be grateful if donors who are UK tax-payers would complete a Gift Aid declaration, which greatly increases the value of the donation at no cost to the donor. See the Donations and subscriptions page for how to do this.

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