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Accept - Home to the Worldwide Family of Clan Maclean  

Joining MacleanNet

MacLeanNet has now migrated to Facebook.
The reasons for this are that there has been a significant reduction in the number of emails being generated on the lists and Facebook can be used to easily share stories, opinions and photos.
There are currently six groups and membership is restricted to those that qualify under the "3-generation" rule which Clan Maclean respects, in common with other Scottish Clans.
You or your spouse, parent, grandparent or great-grandparent must bear one of the surnames accepted as belonging to the Clan Maclean.
MacLeanNet - All - General Blethers.
MacLeanNet - Fun - Fun. Whatever you want, just keep it clean.
MacLeanNet - Gae - Gaelic Group.
MacLeanNet - Gen - Genealogical Group.
MacLeanNet - His - History Group.
MacLeanNet - Sto - Stories.
When requesting to join a group please send a message to the administrator of the group explaining your MacLean link (If you don't bear the name MacLean or one of it's variants or Septs). This will speed up your approval and make it easier for the administrator to make the decision to accept you.
The administrator currently handling membership requests is Ian McLean.
Once accepted into the group, please just write a quick note introducing yourself.