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Mull 2012
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An Invitation to a significant Centenary

In 1912 the Chief of Clan Maclean, Sir Fitzroy Maclean, invited the clan to join him at Duart to celebrate with him the return of the castle to Maclean ownership. Invitations went out to Macleans both on Mull and around the world; nearly 700 clans people accepted his call, and came to Duart. It was the first great clan gathering of any clan in modern times.
As the central part of the occasion, the Chieftain of Ardgour hammered on the door of the ruined castle, saying:
Fhir Dhubhairt tha clann llleathain a feitheamh a mach gu cur failte cirbh aim an luchairt ur Sionnsaireachd.
Chief of Duart! The Clan Maclean is waiting to give you welcome in the castle of your ancestors.
Sir Fitzroy then appeared and welcomed the clan, before proceeding to raise the Maclean flag from the battlements, for the first time in 221 years.
The castle had been taken over by the Campbells, used as government barracks, and for long been a ruin. The 1912 Gathering was a significant event in the history of the restoration of the castle as home for the chief, and a shelter and rallying place for the clan.
Sir Fitzroy was an old man of 77 years in 1912, but he lived for a further 24 years to enjoy his family’s return to Duart.
The events and ceremonies of the weekend in 1912, included a ceilidh; a dance; a clan march headed by the marshals and chieftains of the clan, along with pipers; a welcome from the chief; the raising of the flag; a religious service; personal introductions to the chief and his family; solo piping; speeches in honour of the clan history; Gaelic recitations; activities round the castle; a lunch of several relays in a marquee; and a group photograph; but ultimately it was a Gathering of the Clan.
In 2012 all these items, and many new ones, will be included in the Centenary Gathering at Duart; along with an introductory clan week based at Tobermory.
Sir Fitzroy greeted his clan with the ancient Highland welcome, ‘Ceud mile failte’ – a hundred thousand welcomes; and in June 2012 the clan will be welcomed with the same sentiment and happiness.


The Clan Maclean Association in Scotland is organising the Centenary Gathering on Mull from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th June 2012

Maclean Pipers for the Centenary Gathering at Duart Castle.
We would like to produce a Maclean Pipe Band (less Drummers) to play at the Centenary Gathering at Duart Castle on Saturday 23rd June 2012, so if you are coming to the Gathering and play the Pipes, please contact Colonel Donald MacLean via e-mail by clicking here.
We did this in 2002, when James MacLean the Chief’s Piper sent out a list of well known tunes to the volunteers in advance. This ad hoc Band did a few ten minute sessions on their own and then joined up with the Mull and Iona Pipe Band for the finale.

The Reception Centre at the Aros Hall, Tobermory will be open throughout the Gathering. Co-located there will be the Clan Association Shop; the Heritage Trust Stand; the CMIA Desk; a Genealogy Unit; Coffee Shop and other Stalls.
Along with the detailed programme for the Gathering shown on the offline booking form and on the programme page, please also note the following:-
Evening Talks. There will be evening talks in the Aros Hall on the Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday, a walk through of Scottish Reels for the Grand Dance.
Coll Trips. The arrangements on the Island and hospitality there are thanks to Nicholas and Lavinia Maclean-Bristol and their family. Numbers, unfortunately, have to be limited. Note that this involves a two hour boat trip each way.
Clan Congress. The theme will be “Looking at the future of the Clan”.
Dress at the Centenary Gathering. This is largely a matter of choice, but the Dress at previous Gatherings has varied enormously from full kilt to very casual. The advice is as follows – The Dress during the Clan land Visits and the Evening Talks should be casual and warm. However, it would be nice if at least some tartan was worn at the Ceilidh, Dance and the Main Gathering at Duart. This could be a Maclean tie or scarf, but the important thing is that you all attend and are comfortable.
Booking of Accommodation. It is anticipated that there will be a heavy demand for accommodation on Mull during the Gathering. It is up to those attending to make their own arrangements and this can be done by contacting:
Craignure Tourist Information Centre - Isle of Mull, Argyll PA65 6AX, UK
Tel: 01680 812377 Fax: 01680 812497    Email:
Where to stay -
Registration and Booking for the Gathering.
All the events and excursions other than the main gathering at Duart are now fully booked.
Tickets for the main gathering can be purchased at the main gate to Duart on the day (23rd of June 2012 between 11.00am and 4.00pm).
Adults £15.00
Children (Age 7 - 15 inc.) £7.50
Children under 7 Free
We look forward to seeing you there!
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