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Death or Victory - Front Cover

As Lachlan Mr emerged from the cabin, his eye caught that of a most beautiful Spanish princess. It seemed to Lachlan Mr that this lady, Clara Vilo, was looking at him with something approaching rapture. Lachlan Mr, not averse to this scrutiny, tweaked his doublet, whisked off his bonnet and performed a most courtly bow. Seor, said Clara you are ze man of my dreams. For Lachlan Mr a good day had suddenly got seriously better.

From the time of Robert the Bruce through to the events of the last hundred years, the Maclean seannachies, or story tellers, have kept the clans oral traditions alive. In this selection, Fiona Maclean has retold some of the familiar and not-so-familiar stories in a style that will appeal to all clansmen and women from 8 to 80.
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All profits from the sale of the book go to the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust.
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