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Clan Maclean Associations:  California & Nevada

If you are in California, these are the elected officers of your Maclean Association for 2012/2013:
President: Mark Myers
E-mail President
Vice President N. California: Jeff Maclean (Manteca, CA)
Vice-President S. California: Rod Mclean (Aliso Viejo, California)
Treasurer: Andrew MacLean, Santa Rosa CA.
Secretary: Teresa Zieminski-Myers (Livermore, California)
Directors: Sandra M. McLean (Chico, California)
  Tony McLean (Escondido, California)
  David Lasher (Northridge, California)
  Roberta Hogan-Maclean (Napa, California)
Newsletter and Membership Chair: Jeffrey MacLean (Fairfield, California)
Newsletter Editor: Ella Harsin (Fairfield, California)
Address: CMA California,
  PO Box 2191,
  Santa Rosa,
  CA 95405
E-mail: California Info
The official website for details regarding membership and general information about the Clan MacLean California/Nevada is: