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Clan Maclean Associations: England and Wales

Elizabeth, The Lady Maclean
Nicolas Maclean of Pennycross CMG
Gordon Rankin
Snjezana Maclean
Alison Tottenham, 17 Tibberton Lane, Huntley, Gloucestershire, GL19 3DY
Telephone 01452 830920     Mobile 07714 332081     E-mail Secretary
Skype Alison M Tottenham
About us
As our name suggests, the Clan Maclean Association of England and Wales represents members of the Clan Maclean, and septs of the Clan Maclean, throughout England and Wales.
Our main activities are social. We arrange a minimum of two events each year, one being an autumn dinner, to which we invite an illustrious guest speaker, and the other being our annual Burns Supper. Both of these events take place in the Caledonian Club in central London.
Other events are arranged whenever a suitable opportunity arises. Some of these events are aimed at younger people, in their 20s and 30s. We also try to arrange an overseas trip each year to a place of interest to Macleans.
In addition to our social activities, we also have a programme for helping Macleans and sept members in need (see Macleans in need below).
Details of recent and forthcoming events and other items of interest, as well as information about joining us, are set out below.
For further information, please contact the Secretary (details above).
2015 AGM and autumn dinner
Our Annual General Meeting and autumn dinner were held on Friday, 9th October 2015, at the Caledonian Club in Halkin Street, London SW1. Draft Minutes of the AGM will be available shortly on our Members only page (see the section headed "For members only" below). The Minutes of last year's AGM and the accounts for the year ended 31st July 2015 were both approved and are available on that page.
Nicolas Maclean of Pennycross and Nigel Alington were re-elected as President and Vice-President respectively. Alison Tottenham kindly agreed to continue as Hon. Secretary.
We had a full house for the dinner that followed, attended by the President, the Vice-President and our Patron, Elizabeth, The Lady Maclean. Distinguished guests included the Deputy Japanese Ambassador, Minister Plenipotentiary Mr Motohiko Kato, The Lord Leitch, Geordie Burnett Stuart of Crichie, a former President, now Vice-President, of The Stewart Society, and two former British Ambassadors.
Instead of the speaker that we traditionally have on this occasion, the entertainment this evening was provided by the legendary Isla St Clair, who expressed her love of Scotland through song, interspersed with some wonderfully engaging anecdotes about why the songs were special to her. She cajoled at least ten different nationalities into joining in some of the choruses in their best Scottish accents, and the evening ended with a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne.
She was ably supported by Michael Parr of the Pinstriped Highlanders, who had sportingly learned some Maclean pipe tunes for the occasion, including Donald Maclean of Lewis, Maclean of Pennycross, Elizabeth Lady Maclean (a march composed by our former piper, Rod McFadyen) and, in honour of the 200th anniversary, the march Battle of Waterloo (in which battle Macleans fought with distinction).
2015 Harpenden Lions Highland Gathering
On 12th July 2015 the Association attended the Harpenden Lions Highland Gathering in Rothamsted Park, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Following the cancellation of the Ashbourne Highland Gathering in Derbyshire, which we attended last year (see 2014 News), the Harpenden Gathering is, as far as we are aware, the only major Highland Gathering in the UK south of the border.
This is an enormously popular one-day Gathering. It normally attracts 7,000 – 8,000 people each year, although fewer numbers attended this year, possibly due to the competition from the men's final at Wimbledon. One arena was devoted to Scottish events, including a dancing competition, pipe bands, a solo piping competition and of course, Heavy Events. A second arena offered other events aimed at children and families, including a falconry display, a dog and duck show, and a horse-riding display. Other attractions included a funfair, go-karts, a climbing wall, a display of classic cars and motorbikes, lots of activities for younger children, an extensive range of stalls (commercial, market, charity and craft) and several food and drink outlets.
The Association had a stand in Scot's Corner, near the first arena. Both the President, Nicolas Maclean of Pennycross, and the Vice-President, Nigel Alington, manned our stall. The only other clan attending was Clan Donnachaidh (of which the Robertsons, Duncans and Reids are members). We had a fairly constant stream of visitors, including some existing members, and, although we did not recruit any new members, it was good for the profile of the Clan to be represented at this important event.
2015 Burns Supper

Malcolm Maclean, Yr of Duart and Morvern

On Friday, 6th February 2015, we held our annual Burns Supper at the Caledonian Club in Halkin Street, London SW1, attended by more than 80 people from at least ten different countries. Our Patron, Elizabeth, The Lady Maclean, and her grandson,
Elizabeth, Lady Maclean
Malcolm Maclean, Younger of Duart and Morvern, were Guests of Honour. Malcolm took the opportunity to bring us up to date with the progress of the repairs to Duart and encouraged everyone to visit.
We had brilliant and hugely entertaining speakers. Patrick Watson addressed the haggis with his usual gusto. Douglas Proudfoot, Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs/Public Diplomacy) at the High Commission of Canada in London, proposed the Toast to the Immortal Memory, highlighting the contribution of Scots to Canadian history and heritage.

Douglas Proudfoot

Jamie Stewart, Chairman of the London District of The Stewart Society, proposed the Toast to the Lassies with an alliterative
Jamie Stewart
tour-de-force based on the letter L, which enabled him to talk about Burns' less well known love of animals (Labradors, with scant regard for historical accuracy) as well as his success with the Lassies (two-legged).
The response on behalf of the Lassies was given by Beany McLean, Director of the PR consultancy firm Luther Pendragon and until recently the equestrian correspondent of The Sunday Telegraph, who gave us an alarming insight into
Beany McLean
the would-be seduction techniques deployed in the horsey world. More helpfully, however, she also gave the men, in splendid verse, some tips on how to woo the lassies successfully.
Michael Parr, a member of the Pinstriped Highlanders, gave us a rousing medley of tunes on the pipes. More music was provided by David Dunham on melodeon and James Arber on guitar.
The evening ended with all the guests joining in enthusiastic renditions of The Skye Boat Song, Loch Lomond and finally Auld Lang Syne.

For previous News items, see the archive page for the year.
2009 and prior
Forthcoming events
Our next definite event will be our AGM and autumn dinner, which will be held at the Caledonian Club in Halkin Street, London SW1, on Friday, 14th October 2016. The identity of our Guest Speaker will be announced shortly.
The Harpenden Lions Highland Gathering in Hertfordshire, which we attended in 2015 (see News above), will be held this year on Sunday, 10th July. The Corby Highland Gathering in Northamptonshire, which we have not attended in the past, will be held on the same day. We have not yet decided which, if either, we shall attend.
The Ashbourne Highland Gathering in Derbyshire, which we attended in 2014 (see 2014 News) and which was cancelled in 2015, has been cancelled again this year.
2017 International Gathering
The next International Gathering of the Clan Maclean will be held on Mull from Tuesday, 20th June 2017, until Sunday, 25th June 2017. The programme has been fixed and booking is now open. See here for details and the booking form.
The dates of other events in Scotland are included in the list below.
Please also note some other dates for your diary:
15th-16th April 2016 The annual service to commemorate the Battle of Culloden in 1746 will this year be held on the actual anniversary day, Saturday 16th April, at 11.00 am. The Commemoration address will be given by Gaelic Society Chief Professor Hugh Cheape. The Clan Maclean wreath will be laid by Alan McLean, President of CMA France. Those wishing to attend should gather at the National Trust for Scotland Centre for the procession to the cairn at 10.30 am.

On the previous evening, 15th April, the Association of Highland Clans and Societies, of which the Clan Maclean is an integral part, are hosting their usual Social Evening at the Waterside Hotel in Inverness at 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm. The main speaker will be Anne Fraser of Highland Archive Centre who will give a talk on "1715 Highland Family Connections". Those planning to attend the Social Evening should let Anne Maclean ( know as soon as possible, so that she can give final numbers to the hotel.

10th July 2016 Harpenden Lions Highland Gathering, Rothamsted Park, Harpenden, Herts

Corby Highland Gathering, Charter Field, Corby Old Village, Northants

14th October 2016 Annual General Meeting and Dinner
29th October 2016 Annual Scottish Gathering of the Clan Maclean Association, Glynhill Hotel, near Glasgow
3rd February 2017 Burns Supper
20th - 25th June 2017 International Gathering on Mull
The events in Scotland are being organised by the Clan Maclean Association (CMA). For further information about their 2016 events, please contact the CMA Secretary, Helen MacLean Blackburn.
If anyone would like to propose other events, all suggestions would be welcomed.
Overseas trips
The Association aims to organise an overseas trip each year, except for the years in which there is an International Gathering on Mull. After our highly successful and enjoyable trips to Waterloo in 2011, Sweden in 2013 and France last year, we are now planning further overseas trips.
One possibility is a visit to Ireland, to explore the location of the roots of the Clan Maclean in the country of the Dàlriadans (mainly Co. Antrim).
A second option is a visit to Belgrade in Serbia and/or Korcula in Croatia, linked to Sir Fitzroy Maclean of Dunconnel’s heritage. The family still owns the house that Sir Fitzroy acquired on Korcula.
We are also planning a trip to Tangier in Morocco in the footsteps of the Kaïd, Sir Harry de Vere Maclean, Military Adviser to the Sultan and once kidnapped in the Rif Mountains by the famous Al-Raisouli, hero of “The Lion and the Wind”, although the best date for this would be 2020, which is the centenary of the Kaïd's death.
Any other suggestions for overseas trips would be welcomed.
London Map
We have created our own Google map of London, accessible here, showing the location of places that are of interest to members of the Clan Maclean. In due course this will be expanded beyond London to cover the whole catchment area of the Association.
Any suggestions for additional places to mark on the map will be welcomed. Please send these to the Secretary.
If you would like to learn how to reel, or if you already know the reels but are looking for more opportunities to practice them, we are always willing to arrange an evening of reels in central London if enough people express an interest. Please contact Nigel Alington.
Alternatively, there are several groups that organise regular evenings of reels in and around London and elsewhere in England and Wales (see here).
Macleans in need
An important function of the clan system is to encourage and enable members of the clan to support each other, especially in their hour of need. Macleans have always been good at this. Yet we are not always aware of the clansfolk who need our help. We have therefore associated ourselves with two charities who specialise in helping Scots in and around London. For further information, see here.
We now have an entry on Facebook. Why not become a member?
For members only
The Association's constitution, the minutes of our Annual General Meetings and our accounts, as well as copies of the International BattleAxe magazine, are available here. Access to this information is restricted to members only. Non-members may however view all but the two most recent copies of the International BattleAxe magazine here.
We welcome new members
If you would like to become a member of the Association, please complete an application form and send this to the Secretary. The criteria for membership are shown on this form. The form can be completed on screen or printed and then completed by hand. Similarly, payment may be made electronically or by cheque. See the form for full details.
Membership subscription
The annual membership fee is £10 per individual or family, as defined in the form (see above). This is payable on 1st August each year. New members who join after 1st August in any year pay a subscription at the rate of £1 for each whole month between their date of joining up to and including the following July. At the same time they also pay the subscription for the following full year. Thus, for example, a new member joining in the middle of January would pay £16, being £6 for February to July inclusive plus £10 for the year from August.