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The Names and Families of Clan Maclean

Updated 2015 following discussions with the Lord Lyon.
In addition to the various spellings of Maclean, there are a number of surnames that are traditionally associated with or belong to this great Scottish family. These additional surnames are referred to as “septs” and the following comprise the accepted list.
The Clan Maclean Associations traditionally admit those whose spouse, parent, grandparent or great-grandparent bore either the name Maclean or one of the other recognised spellings or septs.  What's in a Name? - Find out More...
Auchaneson Beath Beaton Black Clanachan
Dowart Dowie Duart Duie Garvie
Gillan Gillon Gilzean Hoey Huie
Lane Lean Leitch MacBeath MacBeth
MacBheath MacCormick MacEachan Macfadin MacFadyen
Macfadzean Macfergan Macgeachan MacGilvra Macildowie
Macilduy Macilvera MacLergain Maclergan MacPhaiden
MacRankin MacVeagh MacVey Paden Patten
Rankin Rankine
Other alternative spellings may be accepted.